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Step 1: installing required packages:

To control any robot you have to install ROSLink packages with a suitable bridge for your robot. Gaitech Scope is using ROSLink-ba version which has WebSocket connection in both sides robot and client sides, which improves the ability to send a video stream.


ROSLink bridges are developed continuously for each ROS-robot comes to the market now FEB 2019 we have bridges for (turtlebot2, turtlebot3, Gapter, ARdrones and ria)_

To install and compile roslink-ba open terminal and type

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone
cd ../

To test that everything is working fine type

roslaunch roslink-ba riae100.launch

The launch should start working without any problems or errors.

We need also to install a script that runs as a WebSockets server to manage the communication between the robot and the user which is available in this link

Step 2: Networking configration:

From an Android Device open this link here to download the .apk file or install the app from Google Play Store.

Step 3: Networking configration:

The main thing to care about it when using Gaitech Scope is to be sure that your robot and smartphone are connected to the SAME NETWORK.

The next thing to do is to put the IP of the machine that runs the WebSocket server script.


To know the IP address you can type “ifconfig” in the terminal.

Type this IP in the options page in the app as shown in these screenshots.


Figure 1: type on the setting button to go to options page


Figure 2: fill the IP, press Change IP, then press back button.

Step 4: running robot:

In the robot terminal run the bringup launch file, the command depends on the robot itself, e.g for ria robots the bring up is:

roslaunch e100_bringup minimal.launch

In another terminal run the python WebSocket server.

python /path/to/the/file/

The last thing is to launch the rolsink bridge, this command depends on the robot you are using let’s go with ria this time also, so the command will be:

roslaunch roslink-ba riae100.launch

Now open the app, make sure that the IP address is correct and enjoy controlling your robot.