Gaitech Scope OverviewΒΆ

Gaitech Scope App uses Roslink-ba protocol to connect a Gaitech Scope user with ROS-robots, ROSLink-ba bridge of any robot sends UDP packets and WebSocket messages that have its data and status, also it receives the command from the WebSocket messages and converts it to ROS messages and commands for the robot itself. By using a simple WebSocket server script that manages the WebSockets connection between robot and user we can get a high-quality connection, and then enjoying controlling robots from any smartphone.


Gaitech Scope is Ionic based mobile app which means that it can be released to run on any platform (IOS, Andriod or browser). Gaitech Scope supports different types of robots, it works with ground robots, AR drones, and Ardupilot drones, each type has at least one specific interface. In addition, Gaitech Scope has totally separated view and logic components, so any change on view part will not affect the logic part which gives the agility to adopt any new changes for new robots appears in the market.