RIA E100: Embedded Control System


RIA E100 is equipped with Micro-Controller board that can control robot base without using ROS from PC. The whole system is setup with Micro-controller developing board(OPENCR), sensor interpreter(OCTO-IO), and sonar sensor module. It helps beginners and researchers who are in the filed of electronics and control system to get introudced with micro-controllers by programing and running the code with readily available demos.


OCTO-IO is an abbreviation for Octopus Input/Output. It is a versatile tool with abilities to simulate other devices and generate/edit data packages, consisting of a transceiver and an App. The transceiver supports connections with a microprocessor using various communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C and USB. It can establish the connection with a tablet or smart phone through Bluetooth 4.0. The App provides various functions with graphical user interfaces.


You can download android mobile app from here

Hardware Installation

A sonar array module which has been received with robot need to be installed. Follow these steps

Step 1: Fix the sonar module to the front side of robot using 4xM3*12 screws as shown in picture


Step 2: Connect the 20pin cable to the inteface of sonar module at underside as shown in picture


Step 3: Turn ON OpenCR power switch and check if the LED on sonar module is solid blue. If LED is not turned ON unplug the 20pin cable and plugin again by changing its direction.