Internal Components and Details


Fig 1.internal components position


Fig 2.RIA-E100 block diagram

Internal Pc

RIA-E100 Is integrated with Asus prime H1301 PLUS. It can be replaced with any kind of processors based on chipset preference.

Following are complete set of specifications related to Internal PC:

Processor: i5 processor, hexa core, 2.8 GHz with 4GHz turbo frequency, RAM: 8Gb Memory: and 120GB SSD Mother Board: Gigabyte Z370N WIFI

  • USB3.0 = 4 (one used by Joystick, one used by WiFi dongle, one used by RGBD, one used by RPLidar)
  • HDMI =1 Using HDMI 2.0 interface
  • Supports Intel ® OptaneTM Technology
  • Supports graphics card slot transfer 2x8 mode expansion card
  • Realtek flagship audio chip supporting smart power amplifier technology
  • Dual Intel® Gigabit High Speed ​​Network Card + cFos Network Management Software
  • Network Interface Upgrade Strengthens Anti-Static and Anti-Surge Functions
  • Gigabyte Smart Fan Technology with Smart Fan Shutdown
  • Using graphics slot alloy armor

Motor controller

RIA-E100 base has been embedded by a differential drive motor controller with two motors left and right attached to it with no additional power module for motors. It is also capable to read encoders from each motor and thus control speed of robot. Drivers and PID for these motor controllers has been developed at Gaitech Robotics and encoders has been set according to wheel size and speed of motor. So, don’t change these values. Power supplied to this motor controller has been fused at 30A to avoid damage.