Lifting , positioning and transport of RIA E100

  • RIA E100’s weight is 20kg which is comfortable for one person to lift it. It’s top frame is extended over base which allows user to lift.
  • It is always recommended to keep robot in upside position especially during transport. Placing side or upside down may damage components and leads to severe loss.
  • Always ensure Estop is activated during transport or keeping robot while not using.

Frequent Maintenance

  • Frequent checks of screws and nuts of robot especially at wheels are needed
  • Reconnecting components by unplugging and plugging again USB ports are required.
  • Check often if cables are not damaged
  • Make sure robot’s internal peripheral’s temperature are normal.
  • Always check with latest robot’s ROS package and/or hostpc’s ROS package at GitHub and keep up to date for better performance.