RIA-R100: Unmanned Ground Vehicle



RIA E100 Basic comprises of base platform where its chases made of aluminum material that is equipped with two driving wheels at front and two cluster free wheels at rear. It is powered single board computer ODROID XU4 which is octo core processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB memory drive. This version comes with IMU , 2D Lidar sensor and one joystick controller. It has three power slots of 24V*, 12V and 5V fused at 5A each for user which are used for powering integration of additional components over it.

../_images/RIA-E100-Basic-overview.png ../_images/Rear-view-of-RIA-E100-Basic.png

Main Power Switch : Overall power switch that let whole system to get power from battery source Emergency Stop Button: Enabling this button will let robot stop until it is released. Battery LED status: A LED with multicolor displays the status of battery. Status indications are as follows according to battery percentages

  • 100% to 50% : solid GREEN
  • 50% to 20% : LED converts from solid GREEN to solid RED
  • 20% to 10% : solid RED
  • < 10% : Blinking RED (Charging at this stage is mandatory by turning off the robot.

Charging Plug: Charging port to charge the robot using provided smart charger. RPLIDAR are dedicated to above shown USB ports and must follow the same position.

Technical Specifications

  • Speed and Performance
  • Dimensions: 480*454*330mm
  • Max Payload: 20kg (Maximum Payload: The mechanical structure could bear maximum 50kg and motors are capable to run with maximum load but to maximize lifetime of RIA it is suggested to not put maximum load for continuous operation.
Payload is reference only while robot moving on flat surface.)
  • Long run Payload: 50kg
  • User Developing space: 364*480mm
  • Ground Clearance: 72mm
  • Max Speed: 2.0m/s
  • Max Inclination: 30 Degrees of Inclination
  • Working Environment: Indoor
  • Type of Drive: Two Wheel Differential drive (300Wx2)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: -10 to +40 degrees Centigrade
  • System
  • User Power: 5V, 12V and 24V fused at 5A each
  • System: Ubuntu 16 with ROS Kinetic kame with core RIA E100 demo packages
  • IMU: Pixhawk
  • Battery: 24V DC power Lithium Ion Battery with 7.5Ah capacity
  • Battery Charger: Stable charger with over voltage and over current protection with LED indications
  • CPU: i5 processor, hexa core, 2.8 GHz with 4GHz turbo frequency, 8GB RAM, and 120GB SSD
  • Run Time: 4 hours
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Control system: ROS
  • Communication
  • **WiFi:**ODROID WiFi USB
  • Sensors
  • 2D-Lidar: RPLidar - A2M8-R4
  • Controller
  • Joystick: Logitech F710
  • Indicators
  • 2D-Lidar: LED indicators Main power, ODROID XU4 status, Battery Level Indicator, Charging Indication (over charger), User Power Indicator, Motor Status.
  • Dimensions

All Dimensions are in measurement of “mm”

../_images/ria_e100_mechanical_drawing_fig01.png ../_images/ria_e100_mechanical_drawing_fig02.png ../_images/ria_e100_mechanical_drawing_fig03.png
  • Orientations

All GaiTech robot platforms follow right hand rule as reference frame which is shown in following figure. When positive velocity is published robot moves in the direction of arrows

  • Out of Box
RIA E100 Elite box contains following
  • Gaitech’s RIA E100 Platform
  • 2D Lidar sensor - RPLIDAR
  • Battery Charger
  • Joystick with USB stick fixed at one of USB ports indications
  • WiFi USB stick fixed at one of USB ports
  • Tools to fix sensor and remove top frames

Features and Performance

  • Extreme Mobility
  • High torque and High traction wheels
  • Climbing angle: Upto 30 degrees
  • Speeds up to: 2.0 m/s
  • Mobile Manipulation
  • Easily interface with many small industrial manipulators, LIDAR, IMUs, GPS, RGBD, stereo cameras and many more ROS supported sensors
  • High load capacities
  • Sufficient payload and sensor decks
  • End support with our experienced engineers for integration
  • Easily run with joystick on out of box
  • Control with different speeds
  • Virtual Machine
  • Fully installed required packages of RIA
  • Simulation tools with demos
  • Preinstalled autonomous navigation examples