RIA-E100: Troubleshooting steps

Serial port error during launching “minimal.lauch” file

  • Ensure rplidar’s and other USB cables are connected properly. It is also required to check rplidar’s cable connector has been attached properly and green LED shows over it.

ROS node is up and running but robot is not moving or only left/right wheel is moving

  • Check motorcontroller’s LED as shown in fig 1 is red or green. If external forces are applied or motors are under huge strain for safety motor controllers disable motors which LED blinking red. In normal conditions it will be solid green. A complete restart including main power switch is required . Also check estop status if it pressed. If pressed turn it to release.

RPLIDAR is still rotating even when node has been shutdown

  • Sometimes due to noise in USB lines this would happen. This wouldn’t affect program. You can relaunch and continue working with as usual.

IMU results are not good . It’s values are varying

  • It is required to unplug IMU from USB hub which is fixed on right side of robot to reset IMU data. This will avoid angular acceleration errors. Sometimes calibration is required to maintain accurate IMU values.