Demo Applications


  • This step will guide you to control RIA-R100 manually
  • RIA-R100 can be controlled either using joystick comes with robot or using keyboard from host PC.
  • To control RIA with joystick follow steps that has mentioned in quick start step
  • To control RIA with keyboard from host PC follow these steps
  • In a terminal.
$ roslaunch ria_teleop keyboard.launch

Mapping & Navigation

  • This step will guide to create mapping for navigating RIA by exploring environment.
  • Working environment : INDOOR
  • In separate terminal launch following files in host PC
  • To create map
$ roslaunch ria_navigation slam_gmapping.launch

Note: Can use either gmapping or hector slam

To view robot and mapping

$ roslaunch ria_description description_complete.launch
$ roslaunch ria_description view.launch

To Navigate robot

$ roslaunch ria_navigation move_base.launch


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GPU Based applications

This page will be updated soon