Simulating RIA

  • RIA can be used in simulated environments regardless of real robot
  • This step will guide to how to use RIA simulator
  • Simulator package is included in RIA meta package that has been setup at installation step
  • Run following in each terminal
  • To start simulation:
$ roslaunch ria_sim gazebo.launch

This will launch RIA’s simulation world. By default it is empty world. Can add different worlds by adding argument

$ roslaunch ria_sim gazebo.launch world_name:=/worlds/
  • To control manually
$ roslaunch ria_sim keyboard.launch
  • To generate map
$ roslaunch ria_sim slam_gmapping.launch
  • To navigate robot
$  roslaunch ria_sim move_base.launch
  • To visualize robot in rviz
$ roslaunch ria_sim view.launch